Does Craigslist Everyday Encounters actually work? We attempted it and you also may a bit surpised at the things I found

You definitely want to read this if your a man that love the company of a beautiful women but don’t want a serious relationship.

About MeLet me begin by suggesting a bit about myself and just why we took this jurney down the craigslist rabit opening. A serious relationship requires like many single men out there, I just dont have the time energy. With that said, Im no munk. We nevertheless need the regular attention of No Strings Attacked female friends. The problem that is only there maybe not that no problem finding. Thus I started interested in a place that is reliable find females with similier interests.

«The Craigslist task» After doing some reseach online, i stumbled upon a lot of sites which claim that they could allow you to get set. The problem that is only 99% of these web web internet sites need a membership and value cash. I needed to see if some of these web web site or programs actualy worked. Whenever looking for review, we mostly found fake reviews saying your website had been great with a web link to get. We couldnt locate a review that is positive didnt have actually a hyperlink to get. We arrived arcoss many reviews for craigslist craigslist encounter that is casual negative and positive. Its a free of charge solution that a great deal of individuals utilize every day therefore I made a decision to try it out myself and arrive at my very own summary. We provided myself a months time and energy to see I called this «The Craigslist Project if it worked»

Week One not used to the website, my first effect would be to visit girl trying to find males (W4M) and appear thru the adds females posted and deliver them a note by having a pic and a little about myself.

Week One not used to the website, my very first effect would be to visit girl interested in males (W4M) and appear thru the adds ladies posted and send them an email having a pic and a little about myself. Wen the beginning I became simply messing females we had been interested in. I acquired no results that are positive. Many would deliver right right back a response that is templete instructed me to check always them down on another web site you had to fund (spam). We began arriving at the final outcome that when one thing seemed to advisable you be real, it probabaly had been. Due to the fact times went on we incresaed the quanity of adds that we responded to. We went from being picky to answering any such thing merely to see if i’d get any replys that are real. At the conclusion of this very first week we just received two GENUINE replys form genuine woman planning to connect. One big beuitifal woman (BBW) plus one unatractive 60 12 months old girl.

Week Two following the problems in week one I made the decision to simply take a various approach. In the place of giving an answer to females adverts, We was thinking I would upload an add of my very own and allow the ladies arrive at me personally. The First add I posted didnt get a solitary response because we didnt include a photo. I needed to see if anybody would use the time and energy to read an add if there is maybe perhaps perhaps not pic. Used to do add a pic within my 2nd advertising but got a couple responces, one man and much more spam. Appropriate whenever you post an increase Craigslist (CL) your post has reached the top of the web web page. I might always check once more in an full hour and my add had been half means listed below. Couple of hours later on it was currently down during the bottem associated with web web page. We saw there was a lot of compation on the website in accordance with so guys that are many for females on this website there must be one thing here. But once more, there is no difinitive evidence of that.