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The app has a simple user interface and comes with dozens of Free VPN download 64 bit Windows 7 free download various brushes, intuitive gestures, and includes the exclusive Copic® Color Library. In addition to that, LayerPaint HD comes with full support for keyboard shortcuts which makes your digital drawing process even easier.

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If you like Photoshop and want to buy it, there are four purchase plans to choose from. That means you can import PSDs into almost any other art software without a hitch. GIMP and Krita both accept PSD files along with many other programs.

  • I normally use Procreate for most of my artwork, but a friend of mine let me borrow his laptop so that I could give Autodesk Sketchbook Pro a try.
  • It’s also customizable and can be relocated to more convenient locations.
  • I have to be honest, I’m blown away by the options and wide array of features.

Beginners who just want to practice are better off choosing a free program compared to professionals who want to learn software for an industry job. If your goal is to work for a game studio as a concept artist then you’ll probably have a different set of goals. Autodesk SketchBook used to be a paid app but is now completely free to download and use on both Android and iOS devices.

It’s an industry standard for all digital artists across the entertainment industry because it just works. If you want a career in video games, animation, feature films, or any general production studio, knowledge of Photoshop goes a long way.

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This is a huge +1 for Krita since it’s really the best digital painting alternative for our Linux & Unix friends. Among all the new features with that version, the most celebrated was the pinned color wheel. Once you’ve signed up for a Creative Cloud membership you get a free, non-conditional seven-day trial version of Photoshop.