In my last blog, I spoke about starting to create a plan if you’re a new mother getting prepared to return to work. If you have defined the kind of arrangement which will work best for you personally — you’re well on the way to creating your back-to-work plan. Here are 3 more important hints:1. Know that feeling unprepared to return to work is ordinary, also TEMPORARY… You feel like you have not used your brain for anything besides parental duties for months. Or that you’ve forgotten how to even talk to adults in a professional setting! Be your’baby brain’ remains as current as ever and you’re worried that the fog persist. These emotions are typical, however temporary. As a mother, flexibility is the new middle name! How many times have you needed to alter paths, counter plans, or tackle a challenge thrown to the middle of your day, with no warning? Your ability to accommodate is off the charts! And you’ll be surprised how quickly you will adapt to some workplace yield. 2. Know that your VALUE in the office Even if it’s been years since you were in the workplace, it’s still true 17 new skills you can put on your cv after becoming a mum | talented ladies club that you have comprehension plus you still have worth to an employer. There are loads of tools available to assist you reconnect with your strengths, skills and confidence. A Wonderful place to start is the Back to Work Advice Hub, by Women Returners: womenreturners. Com/advice/In addition, there’s some great advice on the best way to use the amazing skills you use every day for a mother to your benefit in the workplace. I LOVE this article composed by the Talented Ladies Club: talentedladiesclub. com/articles/17-new-skills-you-can-put-on-your-cv-after-becoming-a-mum/3. Talk to other mothers… and find a MENTOR! You will find other girls just like you who are eager to assist with your transition to the office. Undoubtedly, you have mums in your network who have returned to work successfully. Search them out. Request advice. Pick your own brain. The more information you glean, the greater the choices that can be made. Know there’s energy in being a mentor that will help you get through the process; someone to reach out to get support and wisdom. And especially to understand that you are not alone in navigating the successful return to work. Until next time, SarahSarah Gonzalez, ACC, CPCCwww. thewinningmum. cominfo@thewinningmum. com