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Sewer System Extension

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While Cobb County has how does tsdates work an extremely infrastructure that is extensive location for wastewater collection and therapy, you can still find some areas into the county where sewer solution is certainly not available. These areas might be properties that are undeveloped but the majority often contain current residences and on occasion even entire subdivisions that depend on specific septic tanks for on-site wastewater administration. Acknowledging that the expansion of sewer lines to un-served areas should be addressed in a frequent and proactive manner, the Cobb County Water System’s Sewer Extension Policy was created. The goals of the policy are to:

Establish conditions under that the liquid System will offer for the construction of sewer extensions; Address financing problems pertaining to the construction of sewer extensions; and, determine a procedure for the supply of sewer solution to current developed areas which may have insufficient wastewater managing facilities.

In certain instances, sewer extensions can be prepared construction considering requirements or priorities identified into the liquid System’s Sewer Master Arrange and programmed in to the used Capital Improvement Arrange. On occasion, extensions could be related to brand brand new development in places where sewer service is unavailable. These scenarios frequently end up in brand new sewer lines being built in the price of the designer, with feasible restricted involvement for the liquid System if circumstances warrant. The involvement because of the County in development-related jobs calls for the execution of a well planned developing Agreement to ensure the terms and cost-sharing plans.

Frequently, sewer expansion construction tasks are initiated in line with the demand of a combined number of home owners which are experiencing failure of the septic tank systems. If minimal involvement percentages are met in the petition, if sewer service is theoretically feasible, and in case monetary criteria are pleased, then an expansion task will soon be developed to meet up with the requirements. The price of construction regarding the brand new sewer system will likely to be provided because of the liquid System and also the residents which will be offered. The resident’s share is going to be made up of a Sewer Extension Fee, plus the Sewer Development that is standard Fee. In addition, each resident will incur charges for a plumbing system business to set up the ongoing service line through the home to your sewer faucet in the road.

Sewer System Extension FAQs

When a choice is built to continue with a Sewer Extension task (following a qualifying petition process in addition to technical and economic feasibility analysis), it is important to perform industry surveying, design the latest sewer line, prepare the construction documents, bid and prize the project up to a specialist, and construction for the line. With regards to the particular situation, this procedure might take at the least 1ВЅ years. In the event that brand new line must get a cross personal home ( as is usually the instance) more time would be expected to get the necessary easements.

Then it is unlikely that an extension would be considered financially feasible if the total cost for construction exceeds $12,000 to $15,000 per house to be served. You can find circumstances that include general public health or danger towards the environment where in actuality the economic criterion is an additional problem to your requirement for an extension.

No. Water System possesses 10-year, zero interest re re re payment arrange for the one-time charges. These charge payments, along with the sewer individual cost, is included on your own monthly water bill. This plan of action is applicable simply to sewer extensions, not to ever easy connections to the sewer.

The installation and procedure of septic tanks are categorized as the jurisdiction regarding the wellness Department. To be directed to your web site for Cobb and Douglas Public wellness, follow this link.