Life attendant at the amt wellness academy within the Vest in Recklinghausen has the chance to finish a physiotherapist instruction course shortened to 18 months, the so-called post-qualification.

In addition to the classic training content material, our technical students acquire certified instruction to grow to be a Med-Fit trainer along with a wellness masseur – they are uniquely certified for all of the specifications from the current overall health marketplace!

Location of activity masseurs and med. Lifeguards are involved in restoring the overall health of sick and injured men and women and comprehensive examination in spanish are involved in prophylactic measures and rehabilitation. Masseurs and med. Lifeguards operate e.g. Independently in their very own practices or as workers in hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, massage practices, rehabilitation facilities and inside the sports and wellness sector.

Inside the masseur education, future masseurs and med. Lifeguard expertise and capabilities that allow them to perform in prevention, curative medicine, rehabilitation and spa services through the application of suitable strategies from the activities they’ve discovered – and of course in addition they locate their location in the new, massive development market place from the 21st century, the medical fitness sector and wellness!

The instruction.

The training to come to be a masseur and med. Lifeguard takes place on the basis from the law and also the applicable instruction and examination regulations, the «Law on the Professions in Physiotherapy (Masseur- und Physiotherapistsgesetz – MPhG)» of Can 26, 1994. The med. Lifeguard and masseur education lasts two years with 2,230 hours of theoretical and practical subjects within the school and 800 hours in 2 clinical internships.

The instruction ends with the state examination: written, oral and practical exams. Following effectively passing the state examination, a 6-month full-time internship in a clinic follows. Then the specialist license is obtained.

Theoretical and sensible subjects in the med. Lifeguard and masseur training:

General pathology Special pathology Hygiene First aid and bandage technology Applied physics and biomechanics Language and literature Psychology, pedagogy, sociology Prevention / rehabilitation Movement education Physical-therapeutic diagnostic strategies Classical massage therapy Reflex zone therapy Special types of massage Movement therapy Electro-, light and radiation therapy Hydro-, balneo-, thermal – and inhalation therapy also as wellness massages and med-fitness and wellness.

Needs for admission to masseur coaching:

Completion of your 16 year of age.

Dates and charges for the education.

Current date: March 1, 2021 probable with an education voucher You’re able to also locate all dates right here.

Month-to-month school charge:? 96.00 (30% own share because of funding in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia) Registration fee:? One hundred. 00 Exam fee:? 120.00 Month-to-month college fee:? 320.00 (with out funding)

You’re able to find the entire cost overview here. The application deadline is six weeks before the start out. Unique assistance primarily based on smaller groups. It is possible to also park with us absolutely free of charge. That you are welcome to request information and facts material from us, give us a call or send us an This email address is becoming protected from spambots! To show JavaScript must be turned on!.

Following the state examination there is the possibility of a shortened physiotherapist coaching! For masseurs and health-related pool attendants there is the possibility to attend the state-approved school for physiotherapy of your workplace of Dr. Stromberg e. K. Instantly soon after effectively passing the state examination, i.e. Right after completing the two-year massage college, to undergo a training course shortened to 18 months as a physiotherapist and complete this with the state examination.