Appszoom– it provides databases of both Android and iPhone apps since 2009, the store gets 7,000 apps tested annually to provide its users the best experience to use apps free of malware. It offers premium profiles to app developers to get more awareness for their apps. The site owners claims it has 3 million unique visits monthly.

However, they can all help you keep your PC clean and safe, which will have a much positive impact on its performance, and likely even prolong its lifespan. A single full scan from updated Malwarebytes will take care of the problem for you. The app comes with a number of features, and you can customize it in any way you see fit. Just remember that cleaning up your Windows registry might be slightly risky, so when it asks you whether you want to save a backup or not, definitely click Yes.

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  • A major advantage of the non-relational database is that it can easily incorporate and store all kinds of Big Data, including unstructured and semi-structured data.
  • However, a non-relational database just stores data without structured mechanisms to link data from different tables, and the design is generally less complex.
  • This means you need to perform multiple queries and join data manually, which can pose challenges.

It also works with affiliates to drive traffic via CPI and advertising d tools solutions, as well as proprietary API to support in-app and subscription monetization of developers apps through mobile money transactions. Each app profile provides an app description, rating, screenshots, supported platform and review section.

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On the developer side of things, there is no upfront cost and the requirements to get an app published are minimal. Developers have the ability to target any phone or platform as well, so there is a high degree of flexibility here.

Appolicious – it is one of the most established third-party app stores, in operation since 2009. In 2010 it partnered up with Yahoo! to provide high quality iOS app suggestions. It owns directory to cover Android apps within the same framework.

Cydia – unofficial iOS app store that is only available to users with ‘jailbroken’ iOS devices. Appland– both an app store and an app-store manager, allowing you to create your own. Uploading applications is free, and will showcase your apps on the stores maintained by other devs.Pre-installed on operator 3 mobiles. NexVa – a multi-platform app store that also offers a white label product for mobile operators, OEMs and companies from multiple business verticals.

Other stores are country specific, with a great example being the MTNPlay storefront which covers a large number of countries in Africa, supplying not only apps but also music and other content. MyApp from Tencent – currently the biggest app store in China, it holds around a quarter of the Chinese Android apps market.

Chillingo–More an app-discovery platform than a store, it focuses on mobile games with high production values. MTNPlay – Pan-African content portal run by South African provider MTN – it has customised stores for 22 different African countries and offers music, news, videos and much more content besides apps.