And for the most part they remain unflappable throughout the story except when separated physically. My entire review may be unfair as I haven’t read Harry Smith’s memoir, and submission might have been the norm when this was published, but – Yuck. Georgette Heyer had most probably been enthralled by the story of Harry Smith and Juana, during the peninsular campaign and wanted to share that with her readers. I do think that Heyer’s writing is always strong and her research shows.

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Convent raised orphan Juana is introduced in the 9th chapter and it’s insta-love between her and Harry. Juana becomes the camp belle despite being only 14 and Harry 19. Based on the true story of Harry Smith and his wife Juana María de los Dolores de León Smith, this book is more military fiction than romance. Heyer did a great deal of research in order to bring to life army life, their comradeship and hardships. While she does portray the army patriotically, she does not gloss over the damage they can and do inflict. When I saw that this was «based on a true story» I didn’t realize that it was based on real, and very famous people! Married in order to give her his protection after the grim battle of Badajoz, Juana de Leon Smith was merely 14 years old, and stayed with Harry on nearly every campaign.

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Heyer doesn’t spare her reader any of the bloody details. I would recommend this one for the most dedicated military history buffs and those who are determined to read every Georgette Heyer novel. Good novelization of the love story of Captain Harry Smith of Wellington’s army and his Spanish wife Juana, beginning with the wikipedia reference siege of Badajos where they met, through Waterloo. Based on the letters of the real Brigade Major Harry Smith, this give some of the history of the Peninsular War and as little as I usually enjoy war stories, I enjoyed this. I read that at one time it was used in military schools as a primer on the Peninsular campaigns.

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